The Tallest Order

Documenting our Government's cuts in disability funding and benefits.

The Documentary

The Tallest Order is a documentary that follows Bristol’s Listening Partnership - a forum group for young disabled people - as they enter into their last few months ahead of its forced closure by Bristol City Council. It provides an insight into the thoughts and feelings of its young members and how the closure will affect their lives.

"the tribunal process has left

me wondering why the

suicide rate isn't higher"

- Liz Crow

Employment and Support Allowance appeals have quadrupled over the last three years

It has risen from 68,000 in 2009 to a projected 240,000 at present

These appeals are costing tax payers in excess of £80m a year

Liz Crow Interview

Liz is an Bristol-based artist-activist who has experienced the tribunal system first hand.

"your chances of needing social

care support at some point in

your life is incredibly high"

- Laura Welti

Laura Welti Interview

Laura is manager of Bristol Disability Equality Forum. She informed us that the benefits she receives do not subsidise the cost of her disability, yet she is at risk of losing those funds and does not know how she will manage.

6% of doctors have experienced a disabled person who has attempted or committed suicide as a result of "undergoing, or fear of undergoing" the government's Work Capability Asessment

14% had patients who had self-harmed as a result of the test

"how would you like to live

under threat of your

independence being taken away?"

- Mark Williams

The Disablility Living Allowance (DLA) is being replaced by a new benefit called Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and it will be in full effect by June 2013

PIP will – by 2015 – see 20,000 fewer people eligible to claim than under the previous
DLA, with this gap rising to 51,000 by 2018

Mark Williams Interview

Mark is the co-chair of Bristol Disability Equality Forum. He has a personal message for Prime Minister David Cameron.

ATOS Work Capability Assessment Process

This audio documentary is based on the Work Capability Assessment issued by ATOS who are employed by the Department of Work and Pensions. We met with contributors who have been through the process and used this to create an atmospheric reenactment with techniques that show the mental state of many who have had to go through this.

All statistics stated on this website were accurate during production of the project.

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Website and Interviews by Stephen J. Dunn & Peter-Eden Moran

Documentary Film by Hannah Bailey & Charlie Evans

Audio Documentary by Hugo Snape-Pettitt

Special thanks to our contributors

Laura Welti

Mark Williams

Liz Crow

Sarah Howard and the Listening Partnership

Robert Marsh

Camille Lapham-Flores

Josh Patmore

Bristol Disability Equality Forum

The West of England Centre for Inclusive Living